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Aul (Bill Eckett); SNAKE CHARMER III, LM, Gary Davidson (or James Roberts); FC-AFC THIRD CREEK'S BIG STICK, LM, Larry and Lori Morgan (Paul Knutson); HAWKEYE'S DUKE, LM, Shaelee Fosher (Mark Edwards) AMATEUR: (49 S) Judges: Aaron Homburg and Bobby Farmer 1st: FC-AFC BAYOU TECHE EYE ON THE BALL, LM, Lauren Hays 2nd: AFC DANCE HALL GAL, LF, Joe Obrien and James Roberts 3rd: GRINDSTONE'S LETHAL WEAPON, LM, Bill Schrader and Mike Whorton 4th: AFC FARGO'S RISING RIVER, LF, Mike Boley JAMS: TOVA'S HUNT EM UP "HANNAH", LF, (RJ) Marshall Stone; STORM'S ICY BABE, LF, Ken Schaaf (or Dennis Pugh); CAT SCRATCH FEVER II, LM, Kevin and Mimi Savio and Jack and June Woodson (Kevin); FC TWO STEP'S NO. NINETY-NINE, LM, Bill and Jan Schrader (Bill); RANGER'S KEEPER SHOOTN STRAIGHT- BRILEY, LF, Sonya and Doug Bush; FC WATERMARK'S MISTER CANDLEWOOD, LM, Thomas Watson; TRUMARC'S TUBBY TWO, LM, Edward Aycock QUALIFYING: (28 S) Judges: Dale Sweeney and Jo Burson 1st: FISH RIVERS BELLE OF THE BALL PARK, LF, (11/07/10) Pam Ingham, Joe Piland and Cindy McGaw Harbaugh (Joe or Pam) 2nd: VINWOOD'S GOLD CARD, LF, (04/23/10) Michael Kammerer (Danny Farmer) 3rd: WATERMARKS THE ICEMAN, LM, (11/24/06) Charles and Diane Smith (Charles) 4th: DOCTOR DAVE'S BUDD WISER, LM, (01/30/09) David Brannon (or Michael Johnson) JAMS: REVITT UP'S NIGHT FURRY, LF, (RJ) Brandon and Dawni Bromley (Dawni); GARRISON'S MAGICAL LADY, LF, Dee Garrison (or Mark Edwards); WATERMARK'S HIGH DESERT STORM , LF, Ed and Laurie Neilson (Adam Casto); THIRD CREEK'S SOME LIKE IT HOT , LF, Larry and Lori Morgan (Paul Knutson); BLACKFOOT'S HEAVEN SENT, LF, Eric Hittmeier (or John Kornman) DERBY: (27 S) Judges: Dale Sweeney and Jo Burson 1st: CREEK ROBBERS BLACK POWDER MAG, LF, (04/07/11) Ben Echevarria (or Cindy Gunzer) 2nd: PEARL'S VISION OF A SWEAT EYES LADY, LF, (06/22/11) Bill Powdrill (or Clint Avant) 3rd: CALUMET'S LUCK OF THE IRISH, LM, (12/24/11) Sharon Gierman (or Harold Gierman) 4th: PRIZE AND CONNIE'S A"QUILLA" STAR, LF, (06/08/11) Marshall Stone JAMS: EBONSTAR SOVEREIGN, LM, (RJ) Thomas Watson; BAYOU TECHE BOO, LF, Mike Meek (or Lauren Hays); PEARL'S VISION OF MONTANA CLEAR SKY, LF, Bill Powdrill (or Clint Avant); BAYOU METOS SMOKE SAINT MOOSE, LM, Mark Harkrider (Tyler Sheppard); WHITEWATER KLONDIKE FRANCHISE, LM, Ronald Aronoff; WATERMARK'S FIREDOG, LM, Mary Tatum (Bill Hillmann); CALUMET'S ABSOLUTE MARTINI, LM, Harold Gierman (or Sharon Gierman); PEARL'S VISION OF JET CALLAUH, LM, Bill Powdrill (or Clint Avant); WESTWOODS BLACKHAWK, LM, Mike Westfall; KNOCKOUT'S POP ROCKS, LF, Jonathon Tepley (Clint Avant) 4th: FC AFC RED BUTTE'S TIGER LILLY, LF, Joseph and Ulla Taylor (Joseph) JAMS: AFC SHADOWPINES CHABASCO, LM, (RJ) Bob and Nancy Byrum (Bob); MOLLY'S OLYMPIC SOFIE, LF, Rod Spence (or Don Pollock or Doug Richmond); RILEY READY TO GO, LM, Jim and Nancy Smith (Jim); HEADS UP QUARTERBACK SNEAK, GM, Lynn Nelson; FC BEADLE LC'S THREE RING CIRCUS , LM, Janet Eisen; SHADOWPINES VENI VIDI VICI, LM, Robert and Nancy Byrum (Bob) QUALIFYING: (3 S) Judges: Jewell Easter and Will Martschinski 1st: TUCK N ROLL II, LM, (11/26/10) Chad Costa (Amie Duke or John Henninger) 2nd: RILEY READY TO GO, LM, (11/14/09) Jim and Nancy Smith (Jim) 3rd: WETLANDS MAGGIE P.I., LF, (01/20/10) Ed Stratton, TJ Lindbloom and Robin Rawls (Ed or John Henninger or Amie Duke) 4th: ABSAROKA WHITE MAN RUNS HIM, LM, (10/09/08) John Little JAMS: OCG'S EQUALIZER, LM, (RJ) Larry Baker; SUNCREST CALYPSO, LF, Bruce and Terry Mullis (Bruce); INDY GO BLUE, LM, Diann and Dennis Miller (or Don Remein); LAKOTA MYSTICJACK GRIGGS MH, LF, Lisa Griggs (or Steve Steves); LONG HOLLOW'S MALTA DELTA , LF, Joel Bodenman (or Jim Gonia); HARNEY HILL CAVU, LM, Gordon Powers; GLEN LAKE F-ONE-O-WONDER, LM, Scotty and Gail Seward (Scotty); PATRONE, LM, Freeman and Linda Boyett (Freeman or Jom Gonia); ROCKING OUT OF THE PACK SH, LM, Wayne Carey (or Richard Cole); U.S. MISS AMERICA, LF, Michael and Kareen Tierney (Mike); FIFTH AVENUE'S STRAIT SHOOTER, LM, Gordon and Marlene Benn (Gord or Patti Kiernan); KING'S RANSOM XVIII, LM, Jim Harvie; MOLLY'S OLYMPIC SOFIE, LF, Rod Spence (or Don Pollock or Doug Richmond) DERBY: (23 S) Judges: Jewell Easter and Will Martschinski 1st: U.S. MISS AMERICA, LF, (09/19/11) Michael and Kareen Tierney (Mike) 2nd: SUNDOG'S MAXIMUM PURSUIT, LM, (04/13/11) Corrie and Paula Elmes (Corrie or Amie Duke) 3rd: SMOKE'N HIGH HEAT, LF, (03/14/12) Charlene and Chester Koeth 4th: KIRKWOOD'S ACE OF LONE STAR, LF, (12/27/11) Casey Adams (Amie Duke or John Henninger) JAMS: RIMROCK'S PHAT N SASSY PRINCESS KATE, LF, (RJ) Charles Kiehn (or Don Remein); WOOD RIVER'S MR BIG, LM, Bill Fruehling (or Amie Duke); RAINY STATES DEKOY, LM, Mike Robb (or Jim Gonia); SOUTH FORK'S IRISH COFFEY, LF, Dave Coffey (Don Remien); TOPEND'S GRADY'S STRIP TEEZER, LF, Boyd Woodward and Mary Mazzola; JAZZTIME DELTA BLUES, LF, Larry and Anna Calvert (Larry); BLACK OAK'S SHASTA, LF, Haden Dorsey (or Amie Duke); HIGH FLY'N DIXIE, LF, Walter and Virginia Kobeski (Jim Gonia or Mike Robb) SAN DIEGO RETRIEVER AND FIELD TRIAL CLUB BOBBY MAGEE (10/31/04, NAFC-FC Carbon Copy of Horncreek ex Widgeon's C.C. Waterback) Wins Open MISSION MOUNTAIN ROCKIN' AMADEUS – Completes FC TACOMA RETRIEVER CLUB AKC Licensed Field Trial Duvall/Monroe/Fall City , Washington – March 22-23-24, 2013 (Open & Qualifying Only) n n n AKC Licensed Field Trial Niland, California – March 22-23-24, 2013 n n n WATERMARK'S RUNNING BACK (01/21/08, NAFC-FC Carbon Copy Of Horn Creek ex FC-AFC Watermark's Mardi Gras) Wins Open FIFTH AVENUE'S ROCKIN' REBA (07/11/02, CFC-CAFC Just'a Storm Code ex Fifth Avenue's Ginger) Wins Owner-Hander Amateur VALTOR'S HAYSEED KID – Qualifies 2013 National Open n n n OPEN: (61 S) Judges: Keith Cantillon and Don Simpson 1st: NFC WATERMARK'S RUNNING BACK, LM, Cynthia and Richard Tallman (Jim Gonia) 2nd: FC VALTOR'S HAYSEED KID, LM, Valerie Martin and Breck Howard (Don Remien) 3rd: FC-AFC TRU'S LITTLE CRUISER, LM, Corrie L. and Paula Elmes ( John Henninger) 4th: FC-AFC HOOT N HOLLER, LM, Chad Costa (John Henninger) JAMS: EBB TIDE'S ODE TO IRISH SOUL, LM, (RJ) Kirk and Laura Lillebo (Jim Gonia); FC SWEETIE'S EASY RIDER, LM, Pete Panarites (Jim Gonia); AFC SUNCREST QUINOA, LM, Arnold and Linda Erwin (Arnie); FC FOX HAVEN'S BORN TO RUN MH, LM, Jared Snarr (or Don Remien); ROCKLIFFS CHOPPERS CHIPPER, LM, Sally Foster; RED BUTTE'S SECOND PERFECT SEASON, LF, Joseph and Ulla Taylor (Joseph); LAIN'S LULU'S BACK IN TOWN, LF, Mike Lain (John Henninger or Amie Duke) OWNER-HANDLER AMATEUR: (46 S) Judges: Joe Skaggs and Rick Coats 1st: CFC-CAFC FIFTH AVENUE'S ROCKIN' REBA, LF, Gord and Marlene Benn 2nd: CFC-CAFC HEADS UP FIRE IN THE HOLE , GM, Lynn Nelson 3rd: AFC SUNCREST QUINOA, LM, Arnold and Linda Erwin (Arnie) n n n OPEN: (43 S) Judges: Robert Reuter and Harry Williams 1st: FC-AFC BOBBY MAGEE, LM, John and Diane Poer (John Poer) 2nd: FC MISSION MOUNTAIN ROCKIN' AMADEUS, LM, Marilyn and Bob Dahlheim 3rd: AUTUMN'S EDALINE, LF, Bente Kongsore 4th: CFC CASTILE CREEKS RIVERS RIPPLE JFTR, LF, Daniel Shnitka and Birgit Juergensen JAMS :FC-AFC GO MARGO, LF, (RJ) Mel Milton; AFC PATTON'S MOBY NICK, LM, Tom Hartl and Jean Grammer (Tom); PACIFIC RIM'S SPIRIT OF BUSHIDO, LM, Shon and Jim Garrison (Jim); AFC THE BLUEPRINT, LM, Marion Carey; NIGHTWINDS GAY LADY, LF, Thomas Brannan; AFC-CFC-CAFC UPON THE WINGS OF AN ANSWERED PRAYER , LF, Bill and Micki Petrovish QUALIFYING: (20 S) Judges: Robert Reuter and Harry Williams 1st: BLACK MAGIC'S VOODOO CHILD MH, LF, (03/02/08) Jamie Graham 2nd: FISHTRAP JESSICA, LF, (02/03/10) Ray Bly 3rd: MAKING THE GRADE, LM, (05/23/09) Dan and Kathleen Coleman (Dan) 4th: FIREMARK SERENDIPITY MH, GF, (05/11/07) Jean Grammer (Tom Hartl) JAMS:BOSS'S MACH-2 SUE, LF, (RJ) Terry Foltz; PACIFIC RIM'S PRINCESS HIMIKO, LF, Shon and Jim Garrison; AVEN'S BLACK MAGIC, LF, Mark Jones and Don Grenseman; BOUND FOR GLORY II, LF, David Plesko (Dave Plesko); BLIND FAITH'S TEN COMMANDMENT'S, LM, PAUL SHOEMAKER (Brooke Van De Brake); TOPBRASS MAC'S BACKUP GUNNER, GM, Rob Laishley; PIRATE'S BOOTY MH MNH, LM, Chris Sundstrom; CROSSFIRE'S EMPIRE BUILDER , CM, Paul Gilmore; RIVERADD'S WHITIE TWO TOES, LM, Kody Bull (or Brett Stark) RETRIEVER NEWS ■ MAY 2013 47

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