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November 2013

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Previous Winners of the National Championship Stake 2012 – FC-AFC SEASIDE'S PELICAN PETE, LM 1993 – 1990 & 1991 NFC-AFC CANDLEWOODS TANKS A LOT, LF 2011 – FC WATERMARK'S RUNNING BACK, LM 1992 – 1990 NAFC CANDLEWOOD'S SUPER TANKER, LM 2010 – FC-AFc Hunter Runs BooBoo, LM 1991 – 1990 NFC-AFC CANDLEWOODS TANK A LOT, LF 2009 – FC MIOAKS FABULOUS FLIPPER, LF 1990 – FC-AFC CANDLEWOODS TANKS A LOT, LF 2008 – FC TWO RIVERS LUCKY WILLIE, LM 1989 – FC-AFC OTUS OF REDFERN, LM 2007 – FC-AFC CANDLEWOOD'S SOMETHING ROYAL, LF 1988 – FC-AFC PP'S LUCKY'S SUPER TOBY, LM 2006 – FC-AFC DR. COPPER PHD, MH, LF 1987 – FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC YANKEE INDEPENDENCE, LF 2005 – FC-AFC CLUBMEAD'S ROAD WARRIOR, LM 1986 – FC-AFC JUBILASHUS T.C. MALARKY, LM Robert Zylla, St. Cloud, Minnesota Cynthia and Richard Tallman, Seattle, Washington Kit and Hunter Johnston and John Stracka, Chatfield, Minnesota Gordy Alfter, Fremont, Wisconsin Brady Oman, Austin, Texas Ken Neil and Brenda Little, Jupiter, Florida Wayne Dodson, Ochlocknee, Georgia Frank Kashevarof, Woodinville, Washington 2004 – FC-AFC DEWEY'S DRAKE OF MOON RIVER, LM Gary McIlwain and Lowell Schwab, Bovey, Minnesota Mary Howley and Randy Kuehl, Madison, Wisconsin Joyce Williams, Green Lake, Wisconsin Mary Howley and Randy Kuehl, Madison, Wisconsin Mary Howley and Randy Kuehl, Madison, Wisconsin Aurelia Rice, Dallas, Texas Fred Kampo and Charles Hays, Rogers, Minnesota Gunther Rahnefeld, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada John Larkin, Austin, Texas 1985 – FC-AFC DYNAMITE DUKE, LM Marshall and Linden Dunaway, Thomasville, Georgia 2003 – FC-AFC FIVE STAR GENERAL PATTON, LM 1984 – FC-AFC WANAPUM'S LUCYANA GIRL, LF 2002 – FC-AFC CASHMAN'S FAT LADY ZINGIN, LF 1983 – FC-AFC TRIEVEN BUTCH OF BIG JAKE, LM 2001 – FC-AFC EAGLE RIDGE ROCKET SAM, LM 1982 – FC WESTWIND SUPERNOVA CHIEF, LM 2000 – FC MAXX'S SURPRISE, LM 1981 – FC-AFC ORION'S SKY, LM 1999 – FC-AFC CROPPERS RIVER WATER BLACK TEAL, LF 1980 – FC-AFC RISKY BUSINESS RUBY, LF Debra Bredeson and Elly Muth, Sussex, Wisconsin JM and LK DuBose, HIllsborough, North Carolina Bill Bowen, Albuquerque, New Mexico Sherwin Scott, Phoenix, Arizona Marilyn Boatright and Kirk Naisbitt, Oakdale California 1998 – FC-AFC ABE'S EBONY AND IVORY, LM Gary and Sharon Hanvey, Marine, Illinois John Parrott, Ruston, Louisiana Joe and Gloria Boatright, Pleasanton, California D.J. and Nancy Esposito, Richmond, Virginia John Martin, Columbus, Ohio Jeffrey Copeland, DDS, Huntsville, Texas 1979 – FC-AFC MCGUFFY, LM T.J. and Debby Lindbloom, Roseburg, Oregon 1997 – FC-AFC LUCYANA'S FAST WILLIE, LM 1978 – FC-AFC SHADOW OF OTTER CREEK, LM 1996 – FC STORM'S RIPTIDE STAR, LM 1977 – FC-AFC EUROCLYDON, LF 1995 – FC-AFC VINWOOD'S TAKES A LICK'N, LM 1976 – FC-AFC SAN JOAQUIN HONCHO, LM 1994 – FC CANDLEWOOD'S RAISA RUCKUS, LM 1975 – FC-AFC WANAPUM DART'S DANDY, LF Laura and John Parrott, Monroe, Louisiana Marilyn Fender, Pickett, Wisconsin Bill Bowen and Mike Park, Huntsville, Texas Matthew and Stirling Sullivan, Jacksonville, Florida Bob Kennon, Jr., Baton Rouge, Louisiana Don Strait, Marietta, Georgia Judith S. Weikel, Escalon, California Charles L. Hill, Bellevue, Washington

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