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April 2015

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14 APRIL 2015 ■ RETRIEVER NEWS THIS TROPHY IS AWARDED at the spring trial to the member of the Women's Field Trial Club who, handling a dog in Open, Limited, Restricted, Special or Amateur All-Age stakes in AKC Licensed or Member Club trials, including "Specialty" or "Breed" trials, shall have accumulated with that dog the most championship points during the past calendar year. 2014 WOMEN'S CHALLENGE TROPHY HANDLER DOG POINTS Lauren Hays FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball 30.5 Martha Russell NAFC-FC Texas Troubador 29.5 Connie Swanson FC-AFC Flatlands Locked N Loaded 29 Suzan Caire FC-AFC Bayou-Star Beyond Independent 26.5 Susan Bledsoe FC-AFC Contempt of Court 16.5 Sammie Thompson FC-AFC Tucquan's Ode to Sweetness 16 Barbara Younglove FC-AFC Jaybar American Idol 15 Lynne DuBose FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire 12.5 Elizabeth Dixon FC SK's Dirty Little Secret 10 Anne Marshall AFC Pleasant River Sea Duck 9.5 Sylvia McClure FC-AFC Hilltop's High Society 9 Paula Elmes FC-AFC Tru's Little Cruiser 9 Ester McCartney AFC Prairie Peaks Girlfriend 8.5 Sammie Thompson FC-AFC High Peak Rebel Ridge's Outlaw 8 Paula Elmes FC Sundog's Maximum Pursuit 8 Margaret M. Brown Hardscrabbles Seaside Shutterbug 8 Laura Parrott Lucyana's Go FarGo 8 Barbara Howard Tartan Checkmate 8 Deb Stuckey NTK's Rock Me On The Water 7.5 Lynn Cole-Kimball FC-AFC Alexus - Pursuit of perfection 7 Anne Marshal AFC Pleasant River Bufflehead 7 Sue Reynolds Candlewood's Once In A Blue Moon 6 Joanna Lewis Trifecta's Good to GO 6 Martha Blank FC Atlastastar 5.5 Lynn Troy Chasin the Czar of Riveroak 5.5 Dolores Smith Beaverdams What You Need 5.5 Lynn Troy Days End Suprise Standout Pippa 5 Laura Parrott Lucyana's Minnesota Fats 5 Marilyn E. Dahlheim FC-AFC Mission Mountain Rockin Amadeus 4 Judy Powers AFC Brookdales Ebonstar Spice 4 Mary Williams Ahlgren Buck N Lefty 3 Laura Parrott Lucyana's Right Hand Man 3 Laura Parrott Lucyana's Full Speed Ahead 3 Lynne DuBose FC Paddle Creek's Carbon Grade 3 Judy Rasmuson Topbrass Rolling Stone 3 Lois Gebrian Zoomerang Red Sky 2 Barbara Howard Tartan Mystry Man of Elmingo 2 Lynn Budd FC Castlebay Abe's Cranberry Run 1.5 Jessie Kent Creekside Nelson's Rascal 1.5 Lynne DuBose Field Of Dreams Range Finder 1 Lydia Fekula FC-AFC Luby and Whitewaters Pirates Jewel 1 Lydia Fekula FC-AFC Mitimat Rock Paper Scissors 1 Lynn Troy Pearson's Rebel Corky 1 Josie Ottman Princeton Lucy in Disguise 1 Anne Marshall FC Shooter's Super Chief 1 Nancy White Dottie McFizz .5 Lynn Troy Poplar Bluff 's Magic Kangaroo .5 Lauren Hays and FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball 2014 WOMEN'S CHALLENGE TROPHY Photo by Molly Schlachter

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