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April 2015

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LIMITED: (86 S) Judges: Loren Morehouse and Lois Gebrian 1st: FC-AFC HARDSCRABBLES POWDER MY BUNS, LM, Benjy Griffith (Al Arthur) 2nd: FC-AFC KEENO'S GIZMO, LM, Bruce and Betty Hall (Bruce) 3rd: FC MAPLE CREEK'S SPIRIT WARRIOR, LM, Warren and Susan Exo (Wayne Curtis) 4th: GRASSY CREEK JAGER, LM, Steve Barber (Wayne Curtis) JAMS: TAKE A CHANCE ON KC GRADY ROGUE, LM, (RJ) Terry Benda (Terry); FC-AFC CANDLEWOODS LIFE IS A HIGHWAY, LM, John and Mary Stracka (John); AFC GOOD IDEA'S TEXAS SCRATCH, LF, Ken and Brenda Neil (Ken); NODAWAY VAL- LEY'S STAN THE MAN MH, LM, Dick Weis (Wayne Curtis) AMATEUR: (44 S) Judges: Tammy Bell and David Carrington 1st: FC DRAKE'S BAY PARTING OF THE SEA, LM, Bill and Judy Landau and Randy Spangler (Bill) 2nd: AFC PATTON'S NATURAL BORN WORLD SHAKER, LM, Kathleen Folsom (Kathy) 3rd: NODAWAY VALLEY'S STAN THE MAN MH, LM, Dick Weis (Dick) 4th: FC-AFC HARDSCRABBLE ROXIE MCBUNN, LF, William Benson (Bill) JAMS: FC-AFC-CAFC JAYBAR AMERICAN IDOL, LM, (RJ) Barbara and Jerry Young- love (Barbara) DERBY: (29 S) Judges: Marshall Dunaway and Thomas Strickland 1st: SLIDER'S FAST BALL, LM, (03/24/13) Al Balzer (Brad Arington) 2nd: SEASIDE'S GORGEOUS GEORGE, LM, (05/20/13) Frank and Rita Jones (Frank) 3rd: PETE'S REAL DEAL, LM, (06/16/13) Robert Zylla (Robert) 4th: HYPOTHETICAL DESTINATION, LM, (10/20/13) Barton Clark (Barton) JAMS: CLADDAGHS JOHNNY RINGO, LM, (RJ) Lynn Troy (Lynn); HIDDEN ACRES GIT- R-DONE JH, LM, Marc Patton (Marc); HIDDEN ACRE'S ON THE ROCKS, LF, Travis Bosacker (Marc Patton); LAB WORX'S SPECIAL AVES SERVICE, LF, Bill Barwick (Brad Arington) RETRIEVER NEWS ■ APRIL 2015 51 Picture This Congratulations! After all his wins this year and last, "Mr. Monty" (Bluegoose Montana Jazztime) had another a spectacular win. The United Retriever Clubs (Labrador, Golden, Flatcoat, Chesapeake and NSDT) held on Feb. 28, 2015 their first annual Cham- pions Trophy. Dogs ran by invitation only in four trials and Mr. Monty was the proud winner. Pictured, all Presidents of The Netherlands and the winner with his handler Henny M. Schoor. What a day! Jazztime Delta Blues, "Delta," took second in the Amateur at the San Diego field trial February 20-22, 2015. Delta is owned by Larry and Anna Calvert and is trained and handled by Larry. Two new QAA! "Abbie," Watersedge Mystic River, owned by Joe Waters and han- dled and trained by Lois Munroe of HeartandSoulRetrievers took first place at the Central Savannah River Area Retriever Club FT in Lincolnton, GA the weekend of 2/13-15. "Ella," Maple Hills Ella Enchanted, received second place. Seaside's Gorgeous George wins the Derby at Tallokas on March 7th, and also wins the Derby at North Florida on March 8th. "Clooney" is owned by Rita and Frank Jones, trained by Jason Baker, and was handled to both wins by Rita.

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