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April 2015

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RETRIEVER NEWS ■ SEPTEMBER 2011 63 2015 Advertising Rates Entry Express Event Catalogs pREmium Ad RAtEs (per month/all events) pREmium 1 Yr ContraCt * 6 Mo ContraCt * pAgEs get 1 month Free! get ½ month Free! Center Spread $1000/mo. Inside Cover 2 $600/mo. $600/mo. Inside Back Cover 3 $600/mo. $600/mo. Outside Back Cover 4 $600/mo. First Page $550/mo. Last Page $550/mo. $550/mo. PaGE WIDtH HEIGHt Full Page 4.25" 11" Back Cover 4 3.75" 6.25" 1/2 Page 4.25" 5.125" 1/4 Page 4.25" 2.44" Ad sizEs SOLD SOLD SOLD REgulAR Ad RAtEs Ad sizEs 1 SInGlE EvEnt all EvEntS Full Page (Interior) $50 $350/mo. 1/2 Page $30 $200/mo. 1/4 Page $20 $120/mo. ■ Advertising deadlines for each event will be approximately 1 week before the event closes, or 2 weeks before the event occurs. ■ Event catalogs are published entirely through electronic desk- top media, and should be submitted electronically or furnished on a CD with a hardcopy to ensure accuracy. Files should be provided in this order of preference: Press quality (high resolu- tion 300 dpi) PDF; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. ■ If you have any questions regarding advertising or your digital file set-up, please contact Sara Sommerfeld in the Advertising Department by Phone (262) 278-4201 or E-mail: Production and design assistance are also available. ■ Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising or request alteration in content. * 6 month contracts are for date ranges of January-June or July-December only. All prices are prorated at the time of purchase. Handle Dogs. . . Not Paperwork 800-863-DOGS (3647) Event Catalog statistics Yearly Field Trial Events: 297 Yearly Hunting Test Events: 231 Yearly HRC Events: 18 total Events Each Year: 546 Field Trial Starters: 36,380 Hunting Test Starters: 33,644 HRC Starters: 2,105 total starters Each Year: 72,129 Total Catalogs per Year (75% of Total): 54,096 SOLD SOLD

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